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Scoot Boot Scoop

Personalized Scoot Boot Fitting Available 2018

Scoot Boots are coming to the Big South Fork area in 2018! If you're coming to the area to camp and enjoy the trails and are in the market for Scoo...

Shipping and Return Policy

Robin Ridge will fully refund or replace any goods purchased if they are found to be faulty, damaged, are an incorrect size or you change your mind...

Fitting Your Scoot Boots

Fitting Instructions Boot up on a dry, clean, soft surface (ie a large rubber mat or piece of carpet). Use only one boot to confirm sizing. We do ...

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Quality, Customer Service, Authenticity. Products you find at Robin Ridge are products that add value to our lives with our horses and are of a high quality. You will not find a product in our store that we don't use personally.

We have owned horses as adults since 1994. That doesn't mean we know everything about horses but we're not greenies either. If you have a product you believe we should carry let us know. It must be a product of high quality and must add tremendous value to your life with horses. 

Scoot Boots are one of those fantastic products we carry. Because the boot is worn on such an important part of your horse's body, we believe they must fit correctly in order to have a great experience with them. Therefore we offer personalized fitting service for the boots within 40 miles of Jamestown, TN by appointment. If you're not in the neighborhood, you can send us pictures as detailed in our blog section and we can help you determine which boots will work best for your horse.

Altera Alpaca socks are another great product. After years of walking around in the cold in tall boots with my socks wadded up around my feet after walking a hundred yards or so it was time to find a solution and the solution is Altera Alpaca Performance Socks. Available in 3 weights and 2 heights and assorted colors they will inspire you every time you put a pair on and look at your toes.